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Betting companies consider Zeman election favourite

21 January 2013

Prague, Jan 20 (CTK) - The Czech betting companies considered Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) the more likely winner of the direct presidential election in the previous days, but this was gradually changing and his rival Milos Zeman, former socialist prime minister, is now a slight favourite according to them.

On Sunday afternoon only one of the six betting companies expected Schwarzenberg to become president.

The odds are more or less balanced, although Zeman is slightly more favoured. But Zeman's position has markedly improved over the past week thanks to high bets on his victory.

While the odds in favour of Schwarzenberg were from 1.4/1 to 1.55/1 and in favour of Zeman from 2.15/1 to 2.5/1 a week ago,

Zeman is now viewed as the more probable winner of the presidential runoff. Fortuna, Sazka and Tipsport have the same odds on Zeman Sunday, offering 1.8/1 for those betting on his victory. The odds on Schwarzenberg's victory are 1.9/1.

Synot Tip offers only slightly different odds, with 1.78/1 in favour of Zeman and 1.92/1 in favour of Schwarzenberg.

The Chance betting company offers a lower, 70-percent profit to those betting on Zeman, thus considering his victory more probable than the other bookmakers.

The direct presidential election is due on January 25-26.

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