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Nečas gov't overrides all Klaus's vetoes in parliament

21 January 2013

Prague, Jan 20 (CTK) - The Chamber of Deputies, in which the centre-right government had first a comfortable majority and now it has a narrow one, has succeeded in pushing through all 13 bills that outgoing President Vaclav Klaus since the government's appointment in summer 2010.

The Senate, dominated by the opposition Social Democrats (CSSD), has vetoed 29 bills since mid-2010. The Chamber overrode all but two of the senators' vetos, according to data that the Chamber's press section has provided to CTK.

The government coalition failed to push through its key tax package in 2012 because a group of rebels from the senior government Civic Democrats (ODS) voted against it. However, the coalition pushed the package through on a second attempt, linking it with a vote of confidence last autumn.

The second bill whose passage the Senate prevented by its veto was the proposal by ODS MP Ivana Rapkova, under which some welfare benefits could be taken away from debtors.

Rapkova has become known as a promoter of strict actions against rent defaulters and a critic of allegedly limited powers of authorities in their disputes with problematic citizens.

Apart from this, the Senate returned 66 bills to the Chamber with proposals for changes. The Chamber approved the changes that the senators proposed in half of the cases. One of the returned bills was not passed at all and the remaining 32 bill were passed in its original version.

The bill that was not passed was a proposal supporting parents' alternate care for a child after their divorce, submitted by MP Pavel Stanek (ODS).

From mid-2010 to the end of 2012 the Chamber discussed 463 bills, 270 of them were passed and about 50 rejected.

Most of the bills, 267, were worked out by the coalition government of Petr Necas (ODS). Lower house deputies submitted 147 bills, senators 28 and regional authorities 21 bills.

Eighteen bills have been withdrawn by their authors and seven have been returned to their authors for revision.

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