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ČSA remains leader on Czech air ticket market despite drop

22 January 2013

Prague, Jan 21 (CTK) - Czech Airlines (CSA) remained the leader on the Czech market for plane tickets last year despite a year-on-year drop in revenues from their sale of almost 17 percent to Kc1.25bn, according to data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), released by server

However, the national Czech air carrier was overtaken by rival Lufthansa in terms of revenue from ticket sale in some months of last year. The German airline sold plane tickets worth over Kc1bn in 2012, the amount of the sales exceeding Kc1bn for the first time in history.

CSA is slowly losing the position of the dominant leader on the market because of the reduction of the number of flights. The company's market share fell to below 15 percent last year.

Overall, companies generated revenues of Kc10bn from the sale of plane tickets in the Czech Republic last year, up from Kc9.5bn in 2011. The number of sold tickets slightly dropped, but the average price of a ticket increased.

CSA has long said it does not consider the data from the IATA entirely relevant because they do not include growing sales over the Internet and data on low-cost airlines, said.

However, the data cover around three-quarters of all spending on plane tickets, according to estimates, the server said.

Lufthansa sold plane tickets worth Kc1.04bn in 2012 and its market share grew to 12.39 percent, according to the IATA's statistics.

After the inclusion of plane ticket sales by Swiss and Austrian Airlines that Lufthansa controls, the German airline becomes the largest player on the market Monday.

Emirates with a 10.3 percent share ranked third in 2012. The company raised its capacity on the flight to Dubai, for example, last year, and its sales increased to Kc860m.

The leader among companies mediating plane ticket sale on the Czech market was last year Student Agency and its subsidiary Orbix focusing on corporate clients.

Student Agency and Orbix sold plane tickets worth more than Kc2.3bn last year, which is almost one-quarter of the entire market.

The Asiana company and its portal with Kc1.3bn revenues from plane ticket sale was the second largest ticket agent.

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