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Police search Lesy ČR forest firm over IT orders

22 January 2013

Hradec Kralove, East Bohemia, Jan 21 (CTK) - The Czech anti-corruption police searched the headquarters of the Lesy CR forest company (LCR) Monday in connection with an investigation into allegedly overpriced IT orders, LCR supervisory council head Miroslav Zamecnik, told CTK.

The state firm Lesy CR owns a half of forests in the Czech Republic.

Anti-corruption police spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej said no one has been detained and added that the police will not provide any more information at the moment.

LCR spokesman Zbynek Boublik said the search was connected with orders for IT supplies placed with Dynn and Time Import firms worth hundreds of millions of crowns whose history goes back to 2008.

Boublik said last December LCR handed to the police at their request all documents on public orders on the basis of which contracts with the two firms were signed.

"We are ready to fully cooperate with the Czech police. I will be glad if all steps taken by the previous firm management that may arouse the suspicion of criminal deeds in the police eyes are cleared up," financial manager Michal Gaube, who has been in charge of managing the state firm, said.

According to previous information by E15 daily, the police are looking into how some 340 million crowns from the payments for orders have ended up with non-transparent foreign firms with accounts in Switzerland.

Lesy CR has dismissed any connection with later transfers of money for the orders.

E15 wrote that it is suspected that IT orders for 1.136 billion crowns placed by LCR were intentionally overpriced and that money may have been taken out from the firm via them.

LCR has to date claimed that the orders were placed according to the rules and that tenders were held in consistence with law.

LCR is now without any director general. The latest one, Svatopluk Sykora, resigned last November and the Agriculture Ministry is now looking for his successor.

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