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Dailies, magazines sell ads worth almost CZK 18bn in 2012

1 February 2013

Prague, Jan 31 (CTK) - Newspapers and magazines in the Czech Republic printed adverts worth almost Kc18bn in 2012, the leader among the periodicals being daily Mlada fronta Dnes with ads value of Kc1.8bn, Czech Publishers' Association said today, referring to data from the monitoring by company Admosphere.

In 2011, the value of advertisements in the press was around Kc19bn, according to Admosphere's data from mid-January. Admosphere provides the data in gross prices excluding discounts.

The Blesk tabloid, the most widely read Czech daily paper, came second, the value of its advertising reaching Kc1.4bn.

Blesk was followed by dailies Metro and Pravo which printed ads worth Kc829.6m and Kc566.4m, respectively, last year. Sports daily Sport had the fifth-highest volume of advertising whose value was Kc327m.

Hospodarske noviny and Lidove noviny printed advertising worth Kc317.2m and Kc296.1m, respectively, last year.

Among the top ten magazines with the highest value of commercial pages were weekly supplements of Blesk and Mlada Fronta Dnes and women's weekly Zena a zivot.

Blesk's supplement printed ads worth Kc302.4m in 2012, which was Kc57m more than was the value of last year's advertising in the supplement of Mlada Fronta Dnes. The value of advertising in Zena a zivot reached Kc239.3m in 2012.

The value of adverts in dailies Aha! and E15 was too low to rank the papers in the top ten periodicals by advertising value.

The data on the value of printed advertising do not include the periodicals' own advertising.

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