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President-elect Miloš Zeman returns to Prague

1 February 2013

Nove Veseli, South Moravia, Jan 31 (CTK) - Czech President-Elect Milos Zeman ended his tree-day rest stay in Nove Veseli in the Vysocina Bohemian-Moravia Highlands after the presidential election and he left for Prague in the afternoon today.

Zeman plans an informal meeting with the chairpersons of all parties in parliament, including the opposition, next week, he said today.

"I will naturally consult them on the president's relations both to the government and opposition parties," Zeman said.

Asked whether he expects correct relations with the government, Zeman, as well as PM Petr Necas, said he believed in it.

Zeman also said he had already set up his team thanks to which he had won the election.

He attended a meeting of the national leadership of the Party of Citizens' Rights of Milos Zeman (SPOZ), whose honorary chairman he is, before 18:00 today.

Zeman said before the meeting that he would not offer SPOZ members any lucrative posts but he would thank them cordially for their work in the presidential campaign.

Today and on Friday, Zeman will probably start planning the assumption of the presidential post with his team.

They will deal with details of his inauguration in March and moving to the presidential seat at Prague Castle.

Zeman confirmed to journalists today that he would meet senior officials of the Presidential Office and the Prague Castle Administration on Friday.

The team will also tune up the roles of the future First Lady, Zeman's wife Ivana, and their daughter Katerina.

The functioning of Zeman's bodyguards has not been solved yet.

Zeman today said he had not asked for bodyguards for his daughter but that she could do it herself if she were afraid of harassment.

"However, I will not insist on providing the protection for her," he added.

Zeman's team will also agree on a meeting with outgoing President Vaclav Klaus in the following days. They will not meet before next week.

Former socialist prime minister Milos Zeman, 68, won the January 25-26 presidential runoff with 54.8 percent of the vote, having defeated Foreign Minister and government TOP 09 chairman Karel Schwarzenberg, 75.

Zeman will be sworn-in on March 8.

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