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Museum loans "Venus of Vestonice" statuette to London

4 February 2013

Brno, Feb 1 (CTK) - The Moravian Museum in Brno has loaned the prehistorical statuette of "Venus of Vestonice," one of the most valuable archaeological finds in central Europe, to an exhibition at the British Museum in London, Brno's museum spokeswoman Eva Pankova told CTK Friday.

The statuette along with other artifacts from Brno's museum will be displayed at the Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind exhibition to be held on February 7 to May 26.

The British Museum has asked the Moravian Museum for 24 rare items from the Palaeolithic era, Pankova said.

The Moravian Museum keeps the Venus of Vestonice in a safe deposit most of the time and it is only rarely lent to other institutions

Last time, the statuette travelled to the Museum of Natural History in Vienna in 2008.

"Complicated talks on the export permit were held before the loan to the British Museum," Pankova noted.

The Culture Ministry eventually nodded to it.

The Venus of Vestonice and other exhibits from the Palaeolithic collections of the Moravian Museum are protected by a special immunity since they are part of the cultural heritage of a sovereign state.

The 11.5-cm statuette of a naked woman made of burnt clay was uncovered in Dolni Vestonice, south Moravia, in 1925. It dates back to the period of 29 000-25 000 BC.

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