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Survey: Some 56% of Czechs satisfied with their lives

4 February 2013

Prague, Feb 1 (CTK) - A total of 56 percent of Czechs are presently satisfied with their lives, while 18 percent are dissatisfied and the remaining 26 percent are "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied," according to a poll by the CVVM polling centre released to CTK Friday.

Besides, 10 percent of the polled say they are very satisfied with their lives.

The satisfaction is considerably rising with people's lower age, higher education achieved, and mainly with higher living standards and incomes.

Students and apprentices, highly qualified experts and managers, businessmen and singles are also more satisfied with their lives than other groups.

On the contrary, pensioners, the unemployed, manual workers, the divorced, widows and widowers and people living alone are less satisfied.

The poll results were not considerably changing throughout last year.

Only last October, the share of satisfied people was slightly lower (52 percent). The dissatisfied made up between 18 and 21 percent mostly.

However, the current result is worse compared to the first half of 2011. In January 2011, 61 percent of Czechs were satisfied with their lives.

The poll was conducted on 1047 people aged over 15 on December 3-10, 2012.

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