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Gov't OKs opening of EU-Israel air transport market

7 February 2013

Prague, Feb 6 (CTK) - The Czech government at its meeting Wednesday agreed with signing of an aviation agreement between the EU member states and Israel and opening of the EU-Israel air transport market.

After five years the agreement will make it possible for air carriers from the EU and Israel to operate commercial flights between the countries.

At present only a limited number of airlines can fly on the routes, the Government Office said on its website Wednesday.

Israel is among the countries to join the so-called Euro-Mediterranean air space that will open the air transport market for all carriers from the said countries.

Air transport between the EU countries and neighbouring countries is based on bilateral agreements. The international agreement will replace these agreements. The document, however, has to be approved by the cabinet and parliament and ratified by the president.

Two largest domestic airlines, that is the national air carrier Czech Airlines and the private firm Travel Service, can fly between the Czech Republic and Israel nowadays. On the Israeli side, it is the national carrier El Al.

Besides liberalisation of commercial aviation, the agreement with Israel also deals with operational and legal conditions of the two countries' air transport.

The EU is also in talks on the liberalisation of air space in the Mediterranean with Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon.

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