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Nova TV: Swastika spray-painted on Václav Klaus Jr's school

11 February 2013

Prague, Feb 10 (CTK) - An unknown perpetrator has spray-painted a swastika and a red star on the building of the PORG secondary school in Prague that is headed by a son of outgoing Czech President Vaclav Klaus, commercial TV Nova said yesterday.

The initials S.M. also appeared on the building's wall, Nova said.

It said the sprayer probably reacted to the information carried by daily Lidove noviny (LN) on Saturday, according to which President Klaus's father-in-law Stefan Mistina participated in the persecution of Slovak Jews during World War Two.

"I like neither vandalism nor Nazism in any form," Vaclav Klaus Jr told Nova.

Nova said the building was sprayed during the night according to its information. Besides the Nazism and Communism symbols, also the years 1940 and 1948 were spray-painted on the building.

According to LN, in 1940 the father of the president's wife Livia moved from Prague to Bratislava where he worked for the totalitarian State Security Centre. Eight years later he entered the Communist Party of Slovakia.

Klaus Jr alerted before the recent direct presidential election to that the father-in-law of presidential candidate Karel Schwarzenberg, Johann Hardegg, was a Nazi.

Klaus's family clearly supported in the presidential run-off vote Schwarzenberg's rival, later winner Milos Zeman.

"Vaclav Klaus Jr may not know it, but his grandfather Stefan Mistina has a similarly dark past like Johann Hardegg," LN wrote on Saturday.

President Klaus's second and last five-year term expires on March 7. One day later he will be replaced by his past political rival Zeman.

The defeated candidate, Schwazrenberg, remains foreign minister and government coalition TOP 09 chairman.

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