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Poll: Fischer's, Dienstbier's voters determined presidential election outcome

12 February 2013

Prague, Feb 11 (CTK) - Supporters of Jan Fischer (unaffiliated) and Jiri Dienstbier (senior opposition Social Democrats, CSSD), most of whom supported Milos Zeman (Party of Citizens' Rights, SPOZ) decided the first Czech direct presidential election in January, according to a ppm factum poll released yesterday.

Zeman, who will take his oath as president on March 8, received over 900,000 votes from supporters of Fischer and Dienstbier, two of seven candidates who did not advance to the second election round.

His rival, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) only received 400,000 of their votes, the poll found out.

The second round was held on January 25-26.

Zeman was also supported in the run-off vote by a majority of supporters of the unsuccessful candidates in the first round, Tana Fischerova (unaffiliated) and Jana Bobosikova (extra-parliamentary Sovereignty).

Schwarzenberg was supported by a bigger part of the first-round voters of Premysl Sobotka (senior government Civic Democrats, ODS), Vladimir Franz (unaffiliated) and Zuzana Roithova (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL).

According to the poll, people voted for Zeman most often because "he is Czech [which they did not think of Schwarzenberg]" (19 percent of his voters), is close to people (16 percent), and because they consider him a guarantee of welfare certainties (16 percent).

Schwarzenberg scored points with voters mainly for his intelligence and decency (16 percent of his voters). The same percentage of people cast their votes for him mainly to prevent Zeman's victory.

Eighty percent of people who took part in the second round of the election knew whom they will support right after the first round ended.

A mere 7 percent of Zeman's voters and 9 percent of Schwarzenberg's voters made a decision on whom to support just before the election or during it.

This means that the votes of only a small group of voters were played for in the final stage of the campaign, ppm factum said.

The people who did not come to the polls did so mainly because they do not trust politics or it does not interest them (44 percent).

A number of voters (35 percent) said they could not make a choice among the candidates.

Particularly Franz and Bobosikova's voters in the first round did not come to the second round. This is also true of almost 25 percent of Fischer's voters.

At the same time, 15 percent of those who did not vote in the first round (some 470,000), came to the decisive second round.

They divided their support about equally between Zeman and Schwarzenberg.

ppm factum conducted the poll on 958 people from January 27 to February 5.

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