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Deputy ombudsman criticises noise levels

13 February 2013

Brno, Feb 12 (CTK) - The Czech Health Ministry should precisely define the term "short-term and isolated exposure to noise" and people should have more opportunities to fight noise, Czech deputy ombudsman Jitka Seitlova told journalists yesterday.

The ombudsman's office has long focused on the issue of noise and Seitlova said the steps taken by the Health Ministry in this respect are insufficient.

She said opportunities to participate in issuing noise permits should be embedded in the law on noise.

Seitlova said there are many noise-related problems, including transport construction projects and mentioned D47 motorway in north Moravia.

"Traffic along the motorway has been in a trial regime for several years, but no one has dealt with noise levels," Seitlova said.

She said the permissible levels were crossed during the latest measurement that was not binding, however, because the motorway is not yet completed.

Seitlova warned that excessive noise can raise nervousness, it increases the risk people will develop cardiovascular diseases and decreases housing comfort.

She said various open-air concerts and other entertaining events are also a problem from the point of view of noise.

The Health Ministry has promised to enact the definition of a protected open-air space that should also newly include gardens, Seitlova said.

She said attention should also be paid to industrial complexes with several production programmes each of which meets noise levels, but together they exceed them, Seitlova said.

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