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Dienstbier ranks as most popular politician

13 February 2013

Prague, Feb 12 (CTK) - Social Democrat (CSSD) deputy chairman Jiri Dienstbier Jr is the most trustworthy Czech politician, followed by another unsuccessful presidential candidate, Foreign Minister and TOP 09 leader Karel Schwarzenberg, according to the latest CVVM poll released yesterday.

Former justice minister Jiri Pospisil (Civic Democrats, ODS) who was the most popular man last September ended in the third position.

Dienstbier is now popular among 52 percent of Czechs, compared to 37 percent in September. Schwarzenberg is popular among 40 percent, compared to 31 percent four months before.

The direct presidential election was held in January. Dienstbier did not advance to the final round and Schwarzenberg lost to Milos Zeman (extra-parliamentary Party of Citizens's Rights, SPOZ) in the run-off election.

President-elect Zeman retired from top politics in 2003. Opinion polls on the popularity of Czech politicians have not included his name for many years due to it. Zeman was prime minister in 1998-2002 and long-standing CSSD leader.

Pospisil is now trusted by 38 percent of people, which is 2 percentage points lower than in the previous poll.

ODS deputy head and lower house chairwoman Miroslava Nemcova and CSSD leader Bohuslav Sobotka are popular among 36 and 34 percent, respectively.

Three other CSSD top representatives are the only other politicians trusted by more than one-fourth of Czechs.

Prime Minister and ODS leader Petr Necas and Deputy Prime Minister and LIDEM chairwoman Karolina Peake have seen a steep fall in their popularity from September to January. Necas is trusted by 12 percent and Peake by 11 percent, the poll showed.

However, Finance Minister and TOP 09 mastermind Miroslav Kalousek is even less popular, being supported by only 9 percent, same as before.

Communist (KSCM) leader Vojtech Filip is popular among 22 percent.

Dienstbier and Pospisil are the only Czech politicians whose supporters form a larger group than their opponents.

The most unpopular politician is Kalousek as 87 percent said they do not trust him. Eighty-four percent said they do not trust Necas and 80 percent mistrust Peake.

The poll was conducted on 1032 respondents in mid-January.

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