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President Klaus regrets Pope's resignation

13 February 2013

Prague, Feb 12 (CTK) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus is very sorry about Pope Benedict XVI's surprising resignation as he saw a closeness of their views, Klaus said on his website yesterday.

On Monday, Benedict XVI, aged 85, surprisingly announced that he would leave his office on February 28 for health reasons. He said he was considering the step for a long time.

Klaus said the Pope was one of the small number of personalities of the present-day world who "are not riding on the cheap wave of general quasi-progressivism."

He said he considered Benedict XVI's resignation a symbolic part of the signs of an ending era in which the voices warning of the heading of the current world were still heard aloud.

Klaus said the outgoing Pope was an important world statesman.

"He realised the danger arising from the loss of traditional values, the danger arising from the disintegrating institution of the family and nation state as well as the hasty European integration project. He was able to make this clear," Klaus said.

"Hence the frequent media attacks on him, which he also understood very well," he added.

Klaus said he could see the poorly hidden joy of those who have "reacted to his unexpected gesture with hypocritical praise."

"Those who are losing an important political and intellectual ally are not happy," he added.

"Pope Benedict XVI certainly deserves thanks for his brave, though unfinished struggle," Klaus said.

During his relative short pontificate, that started in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI left a major trace in the world, he added.

"From our meetings, both during his visit to the Czech Republic and mine to the Vatican, as well as a number of his public appearances, speeches and texts, I perceived a closeness of our attitudes in a number of spheres," Klaus said.

Outgoing President Klaus met Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the Czech Republic in 2009.

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