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Czechs least satisfied with corruption, most with goods offer

21 February 2013

Prague, Feb 20 (CTK) - Czechs are the least satisfied with corruption, if asked to assess various aspects of public life, according to a poll released by the CVVM agency, which showed that nine in ten Czechs strongly mind corruption.

A total of 83 percent of respondents voiced dissatisfaction with economic crime.

The highest satisfaction reigns with the goods and services on offer, with which three-quarters of Czechs are satisfied, and with culture (58 percent).

Forty-six percent of those polled assessed positively the Czech Republic's relations with foreign countries, 45 percent the public transport network, 41 percent the state of the environment, 40 percent the security situation and 38 percent assess science and research positively.

Eighty-three percent of Czechs are dissatisfied with the unemployment rate.

Seventy-four percent are dissatisfied with the state of public finances and with the political situation, 73 percent are dissatisfied with what they consider poor social securities, the poll showed.

About two-thirds of Czechs negatively assessed the country's economic performance and 63 percent the moods in society.

Those who describe their living standard as good mostly assess most of the areas better than other people, except for corruption and economic crime.

Right-oriented people, too, assess public life's aspects more positively.

CVVM conducted the poll on 1032 people on January 14-21.

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