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Women earn a fifth less than men, differences prevail

21 February 2013

Prague, Feb 20 (CTK) - Wages of women in the Czech Republic are a fifth lower on average than wages of men and in 2011, women earned Kc22,389 a month on average, Kc5,845 less than men, according to Czech Statistical Office (CSU) data for the years 1996 to 2011.

The median gross income of women was reaching some 84 percent of the median gross income of men. It stood at Kc19,808, Kc3,652 lower than by men.

The gap has started to get smaller but only very slowly. In the last fifteen years, the difference changed by 2 percent by the average wage and by 5.5 percent by the median wage.

Experts in equality of sexes note that women usually earn less because they work in professions and sectors with lower wages. They hold much fewer managing positions.

Women earn less even in managerial positions as they usually are less aggressive and, unlike men, are often unable to ask for a wage hike, say women activists from non-profit organisations.

These activists, as well as some experts, point at potential wage discrimination. Women are thus more endangered by poverty in old age as their pensions will be lower.

In 1996, women earned Kc9,449 gross a month and men Kc12,245 a month on average so women had only 77 percent of the average wage of men.

With Kc8,400 a month, women got 79 percent of the median wage of men who earned Kc10,650. Half of people earn more than the median wage.

The difference got bigger by 2008 when gross monthly wage of women stood at Kc21,798 and of men at Kc29,429. The difference thus grew to 26 percent.

The median wage differed by almost 21 percent. This wage was at Kc19,343 by women and at Kc24,367 by men. Then the scissors started to close moderately. Wages were raised, for example, in education and health care.

Women with university education were earning 18 percent less on average in 2011 than men. Women got Kc35,230 a month and men Kc48,882 a month on average.

The median wage in 2011 was Kc30,164 by women with university education and Kc37,539 by men with university education, so it differed by a fifth.

Women with secondary-school leaving exam maturita earned Kc23,175 gross on average and men with such exam Kc28,441. The difference was equal to 22 percent.

By median wage, there was roughly a 15 percent difference as women earned Kc21,741 and men Kc25,481 a month. Women with secondary education without maturity earned a quarter less in average wage and 27 percent less in median wage than men.

There are significant differences among individual sectors. For example in communications, women earned 69 percent of the average wage and 73 percent of the median wage of men.

In banks and insurance companies, men earned on average Kc66,500 gross a month and women Kc37,800 a month, that is 43 percent less. The median wage differed by some 35 percent and was at Kc30,795 by women and Kc47,299 by men.

In education, women earned Kc25,050 on average and men Kc32,138 so women earned 22 percent less than men. In health care, the difference between Kc24,341 by women and Kc35,042 by men reached 30 percent.

The smallest differences were in catering and transport where they moved below 10 percent. However, incomes in these sectors are a lot lower than in other sectors. In water supply and sewage collection, women even earned one percent more in average wage and 3 percent more in median wage than men.

Year Average wage - women Average wage - men Median wage - women Median wage - men Share of average wage of women in average wage of men Share of median wage of women in median wage of men
1996 9,449 12,245 8,400 10,650 77.2 78.9
2000 12,641 17,251 11,436 14,623 73.3 78.2
2005 18,221 24,271 16,443 20,265 75.1 81.1
2007 20,684 27,489 18,322 22,850 75.2 80.2
2008 21,798 29,429 19,343 24,367 74.1 79.4
2009 22,414 29,953 19,797 24,158 74.8 81.9
2010 21,931 27,660 19,453 23,059 79.3 84.4
2011 22,389 28,234 19,808 23,460 79.3 84.4

Source: Czech Statistical Office

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