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Six members of judiciary faced with corruption charges

25 February 2013

Prague, Feb 23 (CTK) - The Czech police Squad for Uncovering of Organised Crime (UOOZ) has raised corruption charges against six persons, including a judge, a prosecutor and a lawyer, in connection with court decisions, Prague High State Attorney's Office head Lenka Bradacova told CTK Saturday.

The charges were brought against Ondrej Havlin, from the Prague 2 District Court, Bradacova said.

On Thursday, UOOZ members detained seven people in connection with the case on which they had worked since last autumn.

"Then they levelled bribe-taking, bribe-giving, abuse of power and blackmail charges against six persons," Bradacova said, adding that two of the defendants were not from the judiciary sphere.

Five of the defendants have already been released from detention, while one is still being detained. A court will decide on whether he will be taken into custody.

Justice Minister Pavel Blazek (senior ruling Civic Democrats, ODS) has started dealing with the case.

He may temporarily put off duty the judge in question. This may last until the criminal prosecution is ended.

Last May, the Supreme Administrative Court imposed a six-month 10-percent pay reduction on Havlin in disciplinary proceedings for having tried to influence his colleague judge.

The colleague was dealing with the case of Jan Harangozzo, who figured in the case of bankruptcy judge Jiri Berka.

The case of Berka, who was charged with manipulating bankruptcies, was halted on the basis of the amnesty that President Vaclav Klaus declared on January 1.

Havlin asked the judge about her procedure and asked her to hear another witness. Besides he read the file on the case without authorisation.

Havlin denied any wrongdoing and he disagreed with the disciplinary complaint. He admitted that he looked into the file but he said it was not banned.

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