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Zeman pledges to fight mafia, neo-Nazis and some media

11 March 2013

Prague, March 8 (CTK) - Milos Zeman said he wants to fight "Godfathers' mafias," neo-Nazis and a substantial of part of the media that focuses on "brainwashing," in his presidential inauguration speech in the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle Friday.

He also said he wants to offer the presidential office as a neutral field for parties and organisations' dialogue.

Zeman said he wants to be a mediator of the dialogue and its moderator, not a judge, which is a role that is not the president's.

He said his first goal will be to calm down and stabilise the Czech political scene.

Zeman said Godfather-like mafias, neo-Nazi commandos and a part of the media are islands of negative deviation.

The Vladislav Hall, filled mainly with politicians, resounded with applause when Zeman spoke about the media while the audience did not react to his words about Godfathers and neo-Nazis.

Zeman said he is convinced that a law on proving the origin of incomes and property would be the best tool in fighting the Godfathers who only sponge off society while they bring it nothing.

"I will be patiently trying to persuade deputies and senators to propose such a bill and to pass it," Zeman said.

He said members of neo-Nazi commandos promote an ideology that, if it won, would lead to the extermination of the Czech nation.

Turning to the media, Zeman spoke among others about "talkative commentators who write about everything while they comprehend nothing."

On the contrary, he said he wants to support "islands of positive deviation," which he said are represented by personalities who benefit the country.

"They are mainly businesspeople of the Bata type who reinvest their profits in their field of business and who, with their new investments, create new jobs, lower unemployment, and who duly pay taxes to the state treasury," Zeman said.

He also mentioned successful mayors and outstanding personalities from the spheres of education, health care, science, culture and sport.

"I would like to be meeting these personalities and I would like to extend the number of bestowed state awards because I believe that many people who have contributed to the development of the Czech Republic with their life work deserve such appreciation," Zeman said.

He also praised the millions of people doing "tiny and honest work."

He said he would like to be meeting them as frequently as possible during his tours of regions and to account for his steps to them.

Zeman also said he wants to be the voice of the lower ten million underprivileged people. The privileged already have this voice, he said.

The Czech Republic has more than ten million inhabitants.

Zeman recalled that he has been the first president elected by people. He said he is aware of the huge responsibility that ensues from this and that he is ready to live up to it.

Though Zeman says he is a "tolerant atheist," he closed his first presidential speech with a prayer.

"Lord, grant me the courage to try to influence things that I can influence. Lord, grant me humility not to try to influence things that I cannot influence. And Lord, give me wisdom that I be capable of discerning between the first and the second," Zeman said.

He drew inspiration from St Francis of Assisi, an Italian mystic, monk and the founder of the mendicant religious order of Franciscans that lived at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries.

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