Thursday, 17 April 2014

Court releases MP Rath on bail, verdict not valid yet

18 March 2013

Prague, March 15 (CTK) - A Prague district court Friday released (formerly Social Democrat) deputy David Rath, former Central Bohemia governor charged with corruption, from custody on a two million crown bail, but the verdict is not yet valid.

State attorney Petr Jirat has filed a complaint against both the bail and Friday's release decision.

The final decision rests with the Prague Regional Court that will deal with the case in the weeks ahead.

The bail has been paid by Rath's father and wife.

Rath was caught red-handed with seven million crowns which are believed to have been a bribe for manipulation of an order for the reconstruction of the Bustehrad chateau last May.

In September Rath was accused of further alleged bribes.

According to Jirat, Rath has asked for a total of more than 22 million crowns. He accepted over 16 million, Jirat said.

Another ten people are prosecuted in Rath's case.

Rath, who faces up to 12 years in prison, dismisses any guilt.

He has been in custody since last May because it was feared he might flee and possibly continue carrying out criminal activities.

The bail was to be paid for the former reason while the latter exists no longer, the court said.

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