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Ore Mountains mining landscape to be heritage zone

21 March 2013

Prague, March 20 (CTK) - The Czech Culture Ministry has proposed that five former mining localities in the Ore Mountains be declared heritage zones in connection with the joint Czech-Saxon nomination for the entry into the UNESCO list of world heritage, Jan Vondryska, from the ministry, has told CTK.

However, it is not sure when the application for the UNESCO listing of the mining cultural landscape will be filed.

The draft directive on heritage zones will be submitted for comments by early April, Vondryska added.

On the Czech side of the Ore Mountains, the Zlaty Kopec locality, "Vlci jamy" (Wolfish Pits) and the Mauricius mine near Abertamy are to apply for the UNESCO listing.

In Saxony, almost 30 localities seek it.

The process was launched in 1998 when Saxony asked for the entry of the Montanregion Erzgebirge/Krusnohori (Ore Mountains) area into the German UNESCO nomination list. The Czech regions and municipalities joined the project and selected suitable localities in February 2012.

According to previous information, Germany should file the application for a joint entry into the UNESCO list in 2015.

The Czech partners are the Ustecky Region, north Bohemia, and the Karlovarsky Region, west Bohemia. The initiative has also been supported by the mining towns of Jachymov, Bozi Dar, Horni Blatna, Abertamy and Krupka and the village Medenec in the Ore Mountains.

The Czech Republic would like to increase the number of its UNESCO-listed sights since the effort in this respect has been stagnating for ten years.

So far 12 Czech sights have entered the UNESCO list of world heritage, the latest one in 2003.

A total of 15 other Czech landmarks are seeking the UNESCO listing, including three spa towns in west Bohemia, the open-air museum in Mikulcice-Kopcany, south Moravia, and ponds in the Trebon area, south Bohemia.

Others are preparing documentation for their UNESCO-nominations, such as the hotel and transmitter on the Jested mountain, the Terezin fortress, both north Bohemia, and some sights in Prague situated outside the historical centre, which entered the UNESCO list in the early 1990s.

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