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Cold weather breaking records

25 March 2013

Prague, March 24 (CTK) - Record low temperatures of almost minus 20 degrees centigrade were measured at many places in the Czech Republic in small hours yesterday, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has announced on its portal.

The absolutely lowest temperature of 19.1 degrees centigrade below zero was reported in Karlova Studanka in the Jeseniky mountains, north Moravia.

Records were beaten at two-thirds of the stations where daily temperature has been measured for over 30 years.

Temperatures approaching minus 20 degrees centigrades were measured at some other sites in Czech mountains, such as Pec pod Snezkou (minus 18.8) and the Lucni chalet (minus 17.9) near Snezka, the highest mountain in the country (1602m), in Krkonose (Giant Mountains), north Bohemia, and in Adrspach (minus 18.7), east Bohemia.

yesterday's morning temperatures were record low also at some stations where temperature has been daily measured for over 100 years.

In Prerov, north Moravia, for instance, there was minus 9.4 degrees centigrade, while the previous record from 1883 was minus 9.3. In Pribram, central Bohemia, the record from 1883 (minus 9.4) was beaten yesterday when the temperature was 1.8 degrees centigrade lower.

Several temperature records were beaten in the country on Saturday as well.

However, no temperature record was reported at Prague's Klementinum, where temperature has been registered daily since 1775. The lowest temperature on March 24 (minus 15.4) was measured there in 1785. yesterday it was "merely" minus 8.2.

This time a year ago, there was a very warm wether all over the Czech Republic.

Low temperature are also expected next week though frosts should not be as severe as this weekend, a meteorologist told CTK.

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