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Poll: Mere 4% of Czechs buy organic food regularly

27 March 2013

Prague, March 26 (CTK) - Only 4 percent of Czechs buy organic food regularly and another 37 percent buy organic food from time to time, while 17 percent of respondents have never tried organic food nor want to try it, according to a poll carried out by the KPMG company.

About 38 percent of Czechs have tried organic food but do not want to buy it.

As many as three fifths of Czechs say the do not buy organic food due to its high price.

Nearly 47 percent of Czechs do not trust organic food and do not see any difference from other food products.

More than 5 percent of respondents grow organic products themselves.

Almost 2 percent of Czechs have bad experience with organic food.

As regards gender difference, 43 percent of women buy organic food from time to time or regularly, while only 37 percent of men do so.

Over 38 percent of respondents say the reason to buy organic food is its quality and taste. According to 31 percent of respondents, organic food is healthier. Another 20 percent of respondents say they buy organic food because it does not contain chemicals.

For more than 11 percent of Czechs the decisive factor for buying organic food is the fact that it is mostly of domestic origin.

The poll was conducted among 1000 people, 70 percent of whom were women, on February 22-28.

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