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Counter-intelligence: Czech far right busy with internal feuds

2 May 2013

Prague, May 1 (CTK) - Far-right extremists were mainly involved in internal disputes, which surfaced at the election congress of the Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS), the Czech counter-intelligence service (BIS) said in its report on the extremist scene in the first three months of the year.

The extremists also increasingly join the activities of football hooligans, the report said.

On the other hand, far left proponents mainly staged concerts and demonstrations, it added.

No activities threatening democracy appeared in the Czech Republic, the report said.

On the face of it, the January DSSS election congress seem edto be without any problems, but there were disputes inside the party, it added.

"They led to the departure of party deputy chairman Petr Kotab and his supporters from the DSSS," it added.

The post of party leader was kept by Tomas Vandas.

The DSSS was established by former leaders of the Workers' Party (DS) after it was dissolved as extremist, racist, chauvinist, xenophobic and pro-Nazi in February 2010.

The far right staged two rallies in Ostrava, north Moravia, in mid-February.

At one of them, roughly 150 Czech and German extremists met at the rally called Light for Dresden, devoted to the victims of the 1945 Allied bombing of the German town.

The young part of the DSSS, called the Workers' Youth, focused on the issues in the Balkans. Some 90 of its followers voiced disagreement with the secession of Kosovo from Serbia.

There were no riots during both protest actions.

The BIS recorded a continued shift of far-right extremists to the radical football fans, the hooligans.

"As there very frequent relations between hooligans and neo-Nazis, the development has been quite natural," the report said.

The BIS goes on to mention extremists' concerts in Usti nad Labem, North Bohemia, Plzen, West Bohemia, and Prague. All of them were attended by some 150 people each.

The BIS also recorded anarchists at the rallies staged by other groupings. The same goes for the followers of the Communist Youth Association.

"Its members attended remembrance rallies for the anniversary of Communist journalist Julius Fucik, executed by the Nazis in 1943, and for the 1948 Communist coup in Prague," the report said.

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