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Poll: Czechs are very unsatisfied with state of democracy

15 May 2013

Prague, May 14 (CTK) - A mere one-quarter of Czechs, the same figure as in December 2011, are satisfied with the state of democracy in the Czech Republic, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute STEM in early April and released Tuesday.

One-third of Czechs agree with the view that current parties are a guarantee of democratic politics in the Czech Republic.

"We can see the same trend in the assessment of democracy and parties as a guarantee of democratic politics," the STEM analysts said.

The period of relative satisfaction with the working of democracy ended roughly in 1996-1998, at the time of the first rather serious political crisis in the Czech Republic after the 1989 overthrow of the Communist regime.

Since then, a gradual decline along with temporary optimistic oscillations after elections has continued.

Voters of right-wing parties tend to be mostly satisfied with the working of democracy and parties guaranteeing democratic politics.

Well-off people, those with higher education and the younger middle generation tend to assume the same position.

Czechs under 30 and over 60 are the most critical, the poll found.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,009 Czechs over 18 on April 2-9.

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