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Getting Hot on the prepaid mobile market as DH Telecom announces that OPENCALL is getting ready to launch!

JWA Prague |
27 June 2013

Prague, 26.06.2013 (Press Release): Today, DH Telecom announced the starting phase of the launch of its new and upgraded “Opencall”, the first prepaid GSM operator with low cost international calls, on the Czech market.

Talking on behalf of Opencall, Zdenka Haraslinova from the company’s PR agency, JWA Prague, said:“Customers in the Czech Republic will be able to purchase the new Opencall product from a number of selected retailers as well as ‘on-line’ from lst September, and the company is very excited about the range of additional products that it will soon be able to offer through its Opencall brand, some of which will be completely unique to the market.”

Opencall has already been operating on the Czech market for more than two years using CDMA technology, and has already successfully serviced more than 10,000 customers in the Czech Republic alone. Opencall is a mobile virtual network operator (“MVNO”) with DH Telecom, whose recent partnership with Vodafone in the Czech Republic allows the company to rent the network infrastructure that enables Opencall to use its GSM technology; this offers customers the ability to use an extended range of services through any type of mobile phone device, including Smartphones.

Vincent Charollais, Managing Director of DH Telecom, commented: “DH Telecom is delighted to be able to be partnering with Vodafone in order to upgrade the technology that it has available for its Opencall products, and the launch of its new GSM service in September will complete the offer of mobile phone operators on the Czech market.”

The new Opencall product will be targeting both Czechs and expatriates, with a focus on low cost international calls, as well as very competitive prices for calls throughout the Czech Republic. Opencall will be available through a number of selected retailers as well as on-line on several partner web portals, such as, Prague Monitor and others.

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About DH Telecom
DH Telecom has been offering complex telecom services in Slovakia since 2006. DH Telecom in the Czech Republic will provide its services for a fair price and will offer a technically easy alternative for new operators in the growing virtual operator market (MVNO). For easier access into the market, it is in intensive discussions regarding the purchase of telecommunication brands.