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Czech top officials against military intervention in Syria

30 August 2013

Prague/Ostrava, North Moravia/Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia, Aug 29 (CTK) - Czech caretaker government head Jiri Rusnok is against the possible air attack on Syria as it has no legal grounds and will not resolve the conflict, Rusnok told journalists yesterday.

The idea is also rejected by President Milos Zeman.

The Czech Foreign Ministry voiced a reserved stance on it and the Social Democrats (CSSD) are against it.

The USA and Britain are considering launching the attack over what they call the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

Rusnok said this would not resolve the conflict there.

"I am certain that not the whole NATO is demanding the attack. It is not based on any legal grounds," Rusnok said.

Rusnok pointed to the Czech Foreign Ministry statement that voiced doubts about the contribution of the military action to the positive solution to the Syrian conflict.

"For us, Syria is a very sensitive country with which we have long-standing relations. We are not happy over the conflict, but we do not much believe that this single action could resolve anything. Our scepticism continues," Rusnok said.

Zeman said a military operation would not be adequate.

"I think there is a secular dictator on the one hand in Syria and religious fanatics headed by Al-Qaeda on the other," Zeman said.

"For this reason, I do not see a military intervention in Syria adequate because this is no war between the good and the evil, but a war between two evils," Zeman said.

Rusnok noted that the Czech Republic was one of the few NATO countries to have still its diplomatic office in Damascus open and it still worked actively for its allies in the region.

The Vaclav Klaus think tank also said it was against the attack.

It compared it with NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia in 1995.

"The methods used in Bosnia will bring about equally unfortunate results in Syria. In the long run, all of us will be harmed because the threatening crisis will have a global impact," the think tank's director Jiri Weigl said.

Weigl said the U.S. missiles would be actually used to back the forces that had been depicted as chief threats to the world peace and security for over ten years.

This means to the benefit of Sunni Islamist extremists who fight for the creation of an Islamic state on the Syrian soil, he added.

The intervention is opposed by Russia and China.

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