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US court rules in favour of Dahlgren's extradition

13 September 2013

Prague/Alexandria, USA, Sept 12 (CTK) - An American court decided yesterday that the conditions for extradition of U.S. citizen Kevin Dahlgren to the Czech Republic, where he is suspected of four murders, were met, Czech Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Johana Grohova told CTK.

Dahlgren's defence counsels said later yesterday they would appeal the verdict, AP reported.

The court in Alexandria, Virginia, ruled that there was a substantiated suspicion that Dahlgren had murdered four people, public Czech Television (CT) reported.

Dahlgren, then 20, is suspected of having killed his Czech cousin, her husband and their two sons in Brno-Ivancice, south Moravia, in May. The motive of the crime remains unclear.

After the murders, Dahlgren fled to Vienna from where he flew to the United States. The Czech authorities issued a warrant for his arrest on the basis of which he was detained at the airport in Washington on May 23 by FBI agents. He was taken into custody.

Dahlgren's defence lawyers did not ask for his release from custody on bail.

The U.S. court decided that all extradition conditions were met, Grohova said.

His defence would ask the court not to extradite Dahlgren. It will have two months to work out the appeal, CT said.

If the court rejects the appeal and confirms that he can be extradited, the U.S. Department of State will have the final say in it, Grohova added.

The Czech Justice Ministry pointed out yesterday that is might not be a pure formality.

"The American State Department's decision-making is not a formality but different arguments, including political ones, are taken into consideration in it," the Czech Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

If Dahlgren were extradited to the Czech Republic and found guilty there, he would face a life sentence.

If the U.S. court refused to extradite Dahlgren, he would escape punishment completely.

The U.S. prosecutor's office agreed with Dahlgren's extradition to the Czech Republic, CT reported.

The Czech authorities sent the files including the results of the investigation into the murders to the United States. All pieces of evidence prove Dahlgren's guilt, says head of the Czech detectives's team investigating the case.

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