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Red Bull Flugtag returns to Prague

By Jon Smith | Red Bull |
20 September 2013

Prague - Czech airspace will be visited this year for the third time in the history of this famous competition, created for all adventurers and creative designers - Red Bull Flugtag. The last time wild machines "competed" above the Vltava was seven years ago. Now Prague will see them again this Sunday, 22nd September.

This is something that any crazy designer should not miss. Dreamers were given the opportunity to flesh out their crazy ideas and showcase them to the world. The Czech Republic may once again prove to be a nation of DIY experts where golden Czech hands can work wonders.

This time will not just be about who can fly the farthest. But they are rated on the length of their flight, their creativity and pre-flight show on our 6m high aerial runway (ramp). Prague hopes that one of this team will break the current world record, above the Vltava, which stands at about 70 meters. A great show is guaranteed in any case. The soul of this creative battle has more than twenty years of tradition. The first was held in Vienna in 1992 and lured tens of thousands of spectators. Since then, successes has been celebrated around the world.

On the waterfront of Dvorak's bank, the history of aviation will be rewritten, in short, it will be worth it. Would you like to see the Death Star, a Hungry lizard or perhaps the machine that Prague's Evropa 2 radio station built, flying with your own eyes? Their Superhero and crew is Patrik Hezucký, Lucie Šilhánová, Pavel Cejnar and others and will be one of the highlights of the day. Perhaps they will be the ones to crush the world record. The audience will be pampered throughout with the dulcet tones of Tomas Hanak. So do not forget, September 22nd, Dvorak's bank, starting at 13:00...

And what are the crews actually competing for? Well, in addition to the boundless glory and admiration of the public the best of the best take home a handsome quarter million ... (CZK 250.000)

For more information please visit: Red Bull Flight Day 2013 (CZ)