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Be Twenty One

NoD |
8 October 2013

Prague, 4.10.2013 – The legendary music club ROXY in collaboration with Experimental Space NoD holds the spectacular week-long 21st B-day celebration BE TWENTY ONE. The recently unveiled programme promises a week full of concerts, parties, exhibitions, theatre and performances presenting the best international as well as top Czech bands, djs and performers starting 21 October.

The doors of the ROXY club and Experimental Space NoD in Dlouhá Street will be opened throughout the whole week. "The aim is to bring a balanced and unconventional festival line-up not only for fans of the top international artists, but also for the fans seeking new and fresh names on the music and art scene. This is what our fans are like and what they’re looking for. Therefore, the week- long festival is our gift for them," says artistic director Lenka Senová.

The grand opening on 21st October will be preceded by the uncovering of the levitating sculpture „Vznášení“ (Floating) in Dlouhá Street created by the respected sculptor Kurt Gebauer. The grand opening will be started by a video mapping show „UP“ that will cover the whole building in a 3D projection.

The week-long festival in the ROXY club will be unleashed on Monday 21st October by the bass music UK band Engine Earz Experiment supported by singer Jenna G. On Tuesday, the basement of the club will be shaken by the Dutch trio Dope D.O.D. The Wednesday 23rd, Czech Soundz night will feature a selection of Czech bands and artists that will appear on all 3 stages of the club. One of the peaks of the festival will be the Thursday performance of the famous British band Morcheeba who will bring their new album Head Up High live.

Andy C (UK) and Culture Shock (UK) will be the headliners of the drum&bass celebration on Friday 25th followed by the superb line-up for techno/house party on Saturday, where we`ll have a chance to see pioneers of electronic music such as Sébastien Legér (FR) and Funk D`Void (UK). The whole week of celebration will culminate on Sunday with the acoustic live performance of New York rapper and Grammy awarded songwriter Everlast (USA).

Experimental Space NoD will celebrate the ROXY's 21st anniversary with a whirlwind of art openings, theatre shows, performances and concerts. All of this should not be missed. On the first day of the festival, three art shows will be opened. The main one – Horror, Black Humor in Gallery NoD which will feature such well-known and recognized artists as Josef Bolf, Jaroslav Róna, Michael Rittstein and others. The Video NoD gallery will show the work of Jiří Černický and NoD Mini gallery space will host work of Tomáš Vaněk.

In the framework of the festival, NoD will present a premiere of Machine Man, a performance of Echt Street Puppets company which works with monumental puppets. Apart from this, NoD will show a careful selection of the outstanding theatre pieces – The Untouchables by Spitfire Company, Kabaret Shakespeare with David Prachař and Lucie Trmíková in the leading roles, or Lovci – a music-theatre-art performance based on lives of the the Válovy twin sisters, a duo of recognized Czech artists.

One of the highlights of the festival BE TWENTY at NoD will be a concert of the original and distinctive Czech singer Monika Načeva who will perform with Justin Lavash and a concert of Vložte kočku, another Czech outstanding bands. The program of BE TWENTY ONE at NoD will be accompanied by numerous DJ and art performances. NoD will become a lively space buzzing with energy where everyone will find his / her own niche.

BE TWENTY ONE will be a week-long birthday party full of concerts, parties, art shows, theatre and performances – all of this for ROXY and NoD fans and friends!

BE TWENTY ONE line up:

MON 21/10 Opening ceremony
Engine Earz Experiment (UK) + Jenna G (UK) , Rido, Deadly Viperz, DJ Hlava
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/457080244389361
- -
GALERIE NOD: Horor, černý humor ART OPENING
NOD MINI: Tomáš Vaněk – Particip č.173, pop is ka ART OPENING
Videomapping: František Pecháček – UP
Kurt Gebauer: Vznášení ART OPENING
21:00 Man Machine – PREMIÉRE
22:00 DJ Inkognito

TUE 22/10
Info & Tickets www.facebook.com/events/158895857645353
- -
19:00 Generace FB
21:00 Kabaret Shakespeare
23:00 DJ Chepuchov

WED 23/10
SOUNDZ CZECH – 14 bands, 3 stages, 1 preview
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/396479663785096
- -
19:00 Generace FB
21:00 Nedotknutelní
22:00 DJ Bagira (Anežka Hošková)

THU 24/10
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/191031277740845
- -
19:00 David Böhm a Jiří Franta: Site-specific
21:00 Lovci
22:00 Iris nejde s Davem

FRI 25/10
ANDY C, CULTURE SHOCK (UK), Pixie, Beast67
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/406206102813474
- -
20:00 Vložte kočku
22:00 DJ Ventolin

SAT 26/10
SÉBASTIEN LEGÉR (FR), FUNK D' VOID (UK), Roman Rai, Chris Sadler
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/417364771702570
- -
19:00 Tomáš Ruller: Inactive In Active
20:00 Monika Načeva + Justin Lavash
22:00 DJ Blue

SUN 27/10
EVERLAST (USA) – The Life Acoustic Tour
Info & Tickets: www.facebook.com/events/425481607568319
- -
14:00 Workshopy – Kurt Gebauer, Martin Šárovec, Tomáš Vaněk a další.
19:00 Minestrone Zen Jazz Quartet