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Prague may sue National Geographic over report harming its reputation

9 October 2013

Prague, Oct 8 (CTK) - Prague is considering taking a civil action against National Geographic company over its report on crime in the Czech capital, which harms its good name, Prague councillor Lukas Manhart told CTK at a press conference yesterday.

The report, which the National Geographic TV channel broadcast last December, is manipulative, Manhart said.

The daily Pravo has reported that hired actors featured in the documentary highlighting crime in Prague instead of real fraudsters.

"I am getting acquainted with it. Everything indicates that the reputation and name of Prague have been harmed by this documentary," Manhart said.

"The capital of Prague will be considering taking respective legal steps, primarily of a civil-law character," he added.

The Prague management is to prepare concrete conclusions soon, after consultations with lawyers.

National Geographic TV channel focused on Prague in its programme entitled Scam City.

It shows several situations where tourists were cheated out of money in the Prague centre, for instance in an erotic club that provided no services, by a fraudulent taxi driver and by a dealer of fake drugs.

Pravo says Prague detectives have found out that the documentary was shot with hired actors in a club that had been closed long time ago, and with a taxi operator that had been in bankruptcy for some years.

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