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CTO2Go: A Business Technology Mentoring Service from v6. Enterprise-class experience focussing on SME demand, agility & delivery.

V6 |
29 October 2013

v6 has always been about solving the SME business technology issues with best-of-breed solutions that have been tried and tested by the world’s largest companies just with a more affordable price tag and easier means to adopt.

In there somewhere is the assumption that our customers and prospects know what they are looking for, and a lot of businesses, don’t. We are happy to help in anyway we can, but sometimes we hear for you when you have invested time and money in the wrong solution for your business. Having already invested that time and effort can make further changes a difficult decision to make.

- What if you could lift the phone and with no obligation, have a chat with your very own CTO (Chief Technology Officer) who has spent time getting to know your business, your processes and systems and your users?
- What if you knew that even if there was an easy way, and the more difficult route was best, but that you would be guided through?
- What if most of the problems your business has or might have could be solved in that one or a series of conversations?

These are all very ideal positions to be in, and it’s what v6 is aiming to provide you with; your very own CTO on-Demand. Aimed at guiding strategic technology investment, problem solving, reducing cost and simplifying support, advising in security, end-user adoption, and driving down maintenance.

Every business owner knows an accountant is needed; every business owner knows he may need the services of a lawyer now and again, and every business owner has been in the situation where technology lets him down and at that moment, they would love to have had someone there to help him out of that situation. Especially when customers are asking for updates. Yet, technology is often left to best endeavours.

Think back: would you have welcomed an understanding ear? Of course. Enter v6′s CTO2Go

Here’s how it worksCTO2Go from v6

Armed with the various solutions v6 has, together with our years of experience, we would act as your technology sounding board. We act with the best interests of YOUR business in mind (which means that we may or may not recommend the technology v6 has to offer!) and help you plan (we are Project Managers too!) any new investment or implementation. We can sit in on your project meetings, in any vendor meetings and help in the ‘Getting Stuff Done” part. We can even help when there are issues to address. CTO2Go guarantees company principals a minimum of 90 minutes a month in a 1:1 time with us.

Depending on the size of your company, the amount of time you need or would like is not likely to be massive and so we have created 3 subscription-based packages that will help you select the package that suits. Of course you are free to upgrade / downgrade at any time.

Inclusive benefits:

- Implementation time that includes any v6 product is free
- Exceptions are desk side changes and 3rd party licenses
- Implementation time that does not include a v6 product is chargeable but can be fixed-priced.
- Backed up by experienced individuals who have world-class enterprise experience but who are small-business owners.
- Ready-to-Deploy Solutions for:
- Business Multi-Device Sync Email with up to 25GB capacity
- Secure File Storage & Sharing
- Remote Working Mobility
- Backup (ToDisk) & Restore

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