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Slovak broadcaster fined for Czech language for first time

5 December 2013

Bratislava, Dec 4 (CTK) - The first fine for a Slovak television station's broadcast in Czech was imposed on the private Joj television by the Slovak Broadcasting and Retransmission Council on Tuesday, server reported yesterday.

The 200-euro fine was imposed on Joj's operator MAC TV for Joj having broadcast a programme on losing weight, the Supersize vs Superskinny TV show, with a Czech dubbing on April 27.

In doing so, it breached the law restricting the use of foreign languages and TV and radio broadcasts in Slovakia, the Broadcasts and Retransmission Council said.

As Joj breached the law once before, the council decided to punish it now.

The law restricting the use of foreign languages in broadcasts has been valid since late 2007, but no fine was imposed for Czech dubbing on Slovak TV screens before.

Only the operator of the municipal TV in Komarno, a town on the Slovak-Hungarian border, was fined 165 euros for broadcasting commercials in Hungarian, writes.

The law binds Slovak TVs and radios to broadcast in Slovak, with some exceptions such as foreign songs, language courses and films broadcast in the original language with subtitles.

Czech dubbing is also permitted, but only the programmes that were already broadcast before the law took effect six years ago.

The Slovak and Czech languages are very close to each other. In the period of former Czechoslovakia (1918-1992), both were used by broadcasters and both well understood by the country's inhabitants.

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