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OpenCall has lowered the prices of data packages, calls and messaging inside the network by 34%

DH Telecom / OpenCall |
20 September 2014

Prague, 19 September 2014 – With the approaching autumn, virtual operator OpenCall mobile is rewarding its customers with pleasant lowering of prices of data packages – from the middle of September, the owners of pre-paid OpenCall SIM cards can take advantage of the mobile internet with prices lower by 34%. “Our goal is to prove that cheap calling and accessible internet can go hand in hand,“ says Zdeněk Müller, wholesale director of the company, “that is why OpenCall has come with the data services price offer that can rival the offers of competitors on the Czech pre-paid card market.“

Another pleasant news, for both new and current OpenCall customers, are the lower prices of calls and text messages within the OpenCall network – 1 minute of calling and 1 text message inside the network will now cost only 1 CZK.

Virtual operator, which entered the Czech market in September2013, is gradually gaining attention mainly thanks to the offer of cheap calls abroad.

OpenCall is strengthening its position in the competition battle of alternative mobile operators through improving the quality of its services with regards to the wishes and needs of its customers, as well as, the new trends and, last but not least, the widening of its distribution network – OpenCall SIM cards and top up cards are currently available in the branches of Makro, Electro World, Globus, newspaper agents Don Paelo, Citi-tabák, Traficon and, starting this September, also in newspaper agents RELAY and at selected branches of Czech Post.

Data package prices valid from 18 September 2014

- 25 MB/24 hours - 25,00 CZK
- 150 MB/month - 99,00 CZK
- 300 MB/month - 149,00 CZK
- 500 MB/month - 199,00 CZK
- 1 GB/month - 299,00 CZK

Company DH Telecom a.s. alongside wholesale mobile services, also offers direct mobile tariffs and successfully operates an independent mobile virtual operator OpenCall mobile, which operates inside the Vodafone network and specialises in the pre-paid cards market.

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