Friday, 18 September 2020

SIGNAL has been nominated and shortlisted for the Best New European Festival Award

Signal Festival |
25 December 2014

The first edition of SIGNAL was a surprise and success. The second edition scored a record: With 463,000 visitors it has proven its position of the most-attended cultural event nationwide. The festival received great media attention while Italian journalist Marco Fiocchi wrote that “There is something of a young soul in Prague. Besides the rich history, there is a Dancing House and SIGNAL Festival making the city feel fresh again.” And we are also honored to be shortlisted for the Best European Festival Awards. The final results will be announced in mid January, so please stay tuned. It is simply not just us riding the SIGNAL wave. This fosters our motivation in preparing the third edition. #signalfestival

So far, SIGNAL has been around Prague and the Czech regional cities. Since December 11, 2014 it has reached beyond the borders and entered Amsterdam Light Festival. We are proudly presenting a new piece by David Cerny. Speederman is a four meters high sculpture devoted to the phenomenon of speed. If you cannot make to the Netherlands, save the February date when the piece will be on show at Pilsen Light Festival (Feb 20-21). #signalfestival

Watch the video summing-up 2014 edition of the SIGNAL Festival

Remember again the splendid moments, shared energy and emotions in the very heart of Prague. (Watch the video here)