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ANO wants lawmakers to discuss Česká pošta contracts

11 September 2015

Prague, Sept 10 (CTK) - The Czech government movement ANO will initiate an extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies to debate the state-run Ceska posta (CP) postal services firm and form a commission of investigation into the placing of contracts by the CP in the past years, Jaroslav Faltynek told CTK Thursday.

Faltynek, chairman of the ANO deputy group, said the commission should also deal with the Agrotec firm from Agrofert Holding owned by the Finance Minister and ANO chairman, Andrej Babis.

The ANO deputy group agreed that the commission should check in cooperation with law enforcement bodies and the antitrust office UOHS the CP's financial management in the past ten years.

"Information and speculations about manipulated contracts have appeared in the media in the past years, including about Agrotec. We only have information from the media. A meeting of the board of the National Security Council (BRS) was even convoked over the situation at Ceska posta [in August]," Faltynek said.

Faltynek was Agrotec board president in the past.

The police proposed recently to accuse 14 people and seven firms in connection with suspected manipulation of CP contracts.

The accused firms include Agrotec, but Agrofert says it did not inflict any damage and that the firm's employees maximally made an administrative mistake.

In another case, the police suspect businessman Lukas Cadek and Social Democrat (CSSD) Kamil Choc of indirect bribery. Choc allegedly asked a bribe of three million crowns from Cadek in exchange for settling his conflict with the CP. Two million were to go to the CSSD coffers and one million to Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (CSSD).

Both the party and Chovanec dismiss this.

Cadek and the CP are in dispute over a contract that Cadek's firm was fulfilling for the CP in 2010. However, the deal did not eventually materialise and Cadek went bankrupt. Several criminal complaints were filed in the case.

ANO has already informed the CSSD and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), its government coalition partners, of its plan to initiate an extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies and Faltynek has been assigned to enlist their support.

Jan Hamacek (CSSD), chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, could receive the request for convoking the session at the beginning of next week. The session would be held within ten days, or before the end of September.

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