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Former president Václav Klaus says immigration crisis is calculated means to united Europe

4 January 2016

Prague, Jan 3 (CTK) - The pro-Brussels elites want to use the migrant crisis to unify Europe and to reduce the influence of EU members, which is the same evil as that wanted by dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, former Czech president Vaclav Klaus told the commercial television station Prima yesterday.
Euro-sceptic Klaus is a fierce opponent of the growing powers of the EU to the detriment of individual countries.
"Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European," Klaus said.
"These is what dictators in the past always wanted, the Hitlers and Stalins," Klaus said.
"The collectivity of European elites is doing the same evil as that done by the individuals in the past," he added.
The efforts to unify Europe even more is a "cold calculus" on the part of pro-Brussels politicians, Klaus said.
The real migrant wave only awaits Europe. It should be stopped at the European border, he added.
Fighting the quotas for the redistribution of refugees is like "catching a cat for its tail," he added.
When it comes to a solution to the migrant crisis, Czechs "have protested terribly little against the passivity of the government and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka," Klaus said.
The influx of migrants into Europe is due to the European social system, paternalism and a "disastrous multicultural ideology," Klaus said.
However, historical experience has proven that migrants from the countries outside Europe do not feel the need to adapt themselves and that European cultural identity is jeopardised, he added.

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