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MfD: Complaints filed against men with HIV knowingly having unprotected sex

27 January 2016

Prague, Jan 26 (CTK) - The Prague Sanitary Office has filed a criminal complaint against 30 men who had unprotected sex though they knew they were HIV-positive, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday.
The men face up to ten years in prison for causing a serious bodily harm and spreading a contagious disease, the paper writes.
The suspects are homosexual men from Prague, including ones with prestigious professions, Ladislav Machala, head of the AIDS Centre at Prague's Na Bulovce hospital, told the daily.
"They do not use protection when having sex," Machala said.
The Sanitary Office has filed the complaint based on information released by epidemiologists.
The police have confirmed that they are dealing with the case.
However, they would not provide more information about it, since the investigation is underway, the Prague Police spokesman, Jan Danek, said.
Last week, the police highlighted the case of Zdenek Pfeifer, 48, from Most, north Bohemia. He spread HIV knowingly from 2013 when he learnt about being HIV-positive, the police said.
Pfeifer knowingly infected 17 people and the police said they had asked further 200 people to undergo blood tests in this connection.
The case surfaced after doctors diagnosed as HIV-positive an underage boy whose family found out that he had repeated sexual intercourse with Pfeifer.
The police are searching for Pfeifer's possible further victims.

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