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Klaus: Zeman likely to run again for president, standing against him pointless

9 March 2016

Prague, March 8 (CTK) - Milos Zeman will seek re-election as Czech president in 2018, therefore it would be nonsensical for anyone else seeking the post, former president Vaclav Klaus said in an interview with CTK yesterday.
"In my opinion, President Zeman will be running in the election again. I stress that he did not tell me this, but I have deduced this from his behaviour. That is why I think it would be utterly groundless for anyone else to run in the election," Klaus said when asked whether he will be considering his candidacy.
It was speculated in the past that Klaus, who was president for two terms in 2003-13, may be considering running again.
Asked whether he thinks that Zeman has a strong voter support, Klaus said: "Given the hopelessness on our political scene, I think he has, and he deserves it in this sense."
Zeman succeeded Klaus in 2013 as the first president elected directly by people, not by parliament.
At the weekend, when he was marking three years since he assumed the presidential post at Prague Castle, the presidential seat, he told his supporters that they may meet at Castle a few more times.
His spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said this was a clear expression of that Zeman is intensely thinking of a possible re-election as president.
Klaus, 74, and Zeman, 71, former political opponents, have been connected by several themes of late. The strongest is resentment towards migration.

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