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Study: Czechs have most liberal approach to alcohol, cigarettes

4 April 2016

Brussels, April 2 (CTK) - The Czech Republic has the most liberal approach to alcohol and cigarettes in the whole European Union, according to a study carried out by the EPICENTER Institute and released on the web 20minutem Swiss server.

The study has confirmed the reputation of the Czech Republic as "the harbor of freedom," mainly because it does not restrict serving of alcoholic beverage in restaurants and advertisements on electronic cigarettes and alcohol advertising is not much limited either.

Moreover, the Czech Republic can boast of the highest beer consumption per capita it the world, which is caused, among others, by its low price thanks to a very low tax on beer, the study authors say.

There is no tax on non-sparling wine in the Czech Republic either.

Along with it, the group of "liberal countries" in their approach to alcohol and tobacco products and unhealthy food and drinks in general, include Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria, while Finland, Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Hungary, Greece and Lithuania are the least liberal in this respect, with Finland being the most restrictive.

Christopher Snowdon, head of the research team, at the same time, points out that a high restriction level and strict laws do not lead to a lower alcohol and tobacco consumption, according to the study.

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