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Bloc Against Islam founds political movement for elections

2 May 2016

Prague, April 29 (CTK) - Martin Konvicka and Petr Hampl, the chairman and deputy chairman of the far-right extra-parliamentary Bloc Against Islam, have announced in a new video that they are founding a political movement that will be running in the general election in 2017.

Konvicka and Hampl, who recently withdrew from an agreement on election cooperation with the Dawn-National Coalition Party, which has eight lawmakers, say participation of the new entity in the autumn regional elections will be up to the Bloc's individual organisations.

"We are already now taking steps to found a political movement that will be running in the general election," said Konvicka in the video of which CTK was informed by Miroslav Adamec, spokesman for the Bloc, on Friday.

Konvicka said some Dawn members only wanted to re-enter the Chamber of Deputies, for which they needed the Bloc's support, and this was one of the problems of their cooperation.

The legal form of the Bloc Against Islam does not allow it to run in the election to the lower house of parliament.

Konvicka and Hampl wrote that the Dawn was preparing "purges" with the aim of swallowing up the Bloc, and that is why the latter had to act.

Dawn claims that it was fulfilling the cooperation agreement with the Bloc and on the contrary, it criticises Hampl's financial demands.

According to Dawn, the agreement of last summer contains a provision according to which the party that will withdraw from the document, will have to cover the expenses involved.

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