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Two Čepro stores raided because of big thefts of fuels

5 May 2016

Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia, May 4 (CTK) - Customs and police officers raided two Cepro stores because of big thefts of fuels and detained perhaps dozens of people in the action at the weekend, Cepro and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic representatives told CTK on Wednesday.

One of the stores was in Belcice, south Bohemia.

The investigation was prompted by the Cepro company itself.

"The investigation relates to the activities of several employees who are seriously suspicious of having been implicated in criminal activity in the form of harming a pipeline," Cepro spokeswoman Lenka Svobodova has told CTK.

"Cepro provides all the help to the customs authority throughout the investigation," she added.

The police action took place at Cepro's plants outside Prague, Svobodova said.

The action was prepared beforehand, customs authority spokeswoman Martina Kankova has told CTK.

"These were two places, but due to the ongoing investigation, we will not elaborate on them," Kankova said.

Cepro is one of the biggest industrial companies in the Czech Republic.

It operates the network of 1135 kilometres of pipelines and 650 storage tanks with the capacity of 1.7 million cubic metres.

It owns 191 filling stations Euro Oil across the Czech Republic, being third in terms of their number and fourth in terms of the volume of the sale of fuel.

The network Euro Oil is the biggest Czech distributor of fuel in the Czech Republic.

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