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Wimbledon winner Ivanisevic to coach Berdych

9 August 2016

Prague, Aug 8 (CTK) - Goran Ivanisevic of Croatia will be the new coach of the world's 8th tennis player, Czech Tomas Berdych, and he will coach him at the Cincinnati tennis tournament in mid-August for the first time, Berdych has written on Facebook.

The tournament will start on August 14 after the Olympic competition in Rio de Janeiro ends.

Ivanisevic, 44, Wimbledon winner of 2001, cut cooperation with his countryman Marin Cilic in July.

Berdych, 33, ended cooperation with Venezuelan coach Daniel Vallverdu one week ahead of French Open in mid-May. Afterwards, he had no coach, but was assisted by Ivanisevic's countryman Luka Kutanjac.

It does not ensue from Berdych's Facebook statement whether he will continue cooperating with Kutanjac.

Berdych is not competing in Rio de Janeiro because of fears of the Zika virus.

"Two months ago, I started to work with Luka Kutanjac and I feel that my game has improved and my form has been developing in the right direction since then. To further improve my game, I have decided to add Goran Ivanisevic to my team in Cincinnati already," Berdych wrote.

Ivanisevic has won 21 trophies in addition to Wimbledon and his best ATP position was second place. In 1992, he won the bronze medals in singles and doubles at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

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