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Exhibition presents Prague as Bohemian capital in Charles IV era

13 December 2016

Prague, Dec 12 (CTK) - A permanent exhibition showing how Prague looked in the era of Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV has been opened in Prague at the close of a year-long series of events marking his 700th birth anniversary, the organisers from the City Hall and the Museum of Prague said on Monday.

The exhibition, which also highlights Charles IV's urban projects and achievements, will open in the House at the Golden Ring historical building in the centre of the city.

The exhibition will be gradually extended in the year to come, Jan Wolf, Prague councillor in charge of culture, told a press conference.

The exhibition architect, Bronek Stratil, said it uses modern means such as video and touch screens.

"The visitors are faced with a broad spectre of perceptions, they have to use all of their senses," Stratil said.

The main artifact on display is a model of Prague including video mapping, or screening directly on the model, which illustrates the gradual emergence of the New Town neighbourhood according to Charles IV's project.

Apart from the models of the city and of selected buildings, the exhibition will also offer a number of valuable items from the museum's collections such as a pilgrim's badge from the mid-14th century that proves Prague's role as a significant pilgrimage destination in Europe under Charles IV.

The City of Prague subsidised the exhibition with 15 million crowns.

In total, it financially supported more than 30 projects marking the birth anniversary of Charles IV, a king and emperor from the Luxembourg dynasty who was born in Prague on May 14, 1316 and died in Prague on November 29, 1378.

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