Thursday, 26 April 2018

ANO movement receives CZK 14.7 million from firms in 2016

9 January 2017

Prague, Jan 7 (CTK) - The ANO movement received donations of 14.7 million crowns from companies in 2016 and firms owned by its rich leader, Czech Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Babis, sent only a small part of this sum, about half million crowns, according to the data from ANO's transparent bank account.

The biggest sponsors were Elko beverage wholesale store, Mlyn Perner Svijany flour producer, Noen, a maker of open-pit mining machines, and Velta Plus EU tobacco and tea wholesale store. Each of the four companies sent half a million crowns to the political party.

Firms owned by Babis provided the financial contribution of 550,000 crowns in total. The Deza chemical company and the Fatra plastic maker sent 200,000 crowns each. The Navos agricultural firm donated 100,000 crowns and Agro Blatna 50,000 crowns. The latter company is part of Babis's group Imoba, while the three other firms are part of the Agrofert group.

Many of the sponsors are companies active in agriculture or the food-processing industry, on which also Agrofert focuses, and in medical services, in which Babis's Hartenberg fund invests. However, these sponsors are not financially or personally linked to Agrofert or Hartenberg. Construction, transport and consulting companies are among the sponsors, too.

ANO received 19 million crowns in membership fees and donations from individual sponsors. Babis himself sent 50,000 crowns to the account.

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