Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Prague's smart waste bins themselves ask for being emptied

11 January 2017

Prague, Jan 10 (CTK) - Some Prague neighbourhoods have installed smart waste bins that can recognise it when they are full and can call for waste collectors to empty them, daily Pravo reported on Tuesday.

Most recently, such smart sets have appeared in the western neighbourhood of Repy, following the example of Prague 1 district in the historical centre of the city.

In Prague 1, the new waste bins have reportedly helped reduce the frequence of waste collection in the given localities by up to 90 percent.

The whole set is comprised of three bins for paper, plastic and communal waste, respectively.

The bins each include their own solar panel. The electricity it generates feeds an inner press that enables the bin to accept four-time more waste than common bins, Pravo writes.

At the same time, each bin includes a communication unit. If filled, the bin can call the waste collecting staff to arrive and empty it, the daily writes.

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