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Counter-intelligence: No increased risk of terrorist attack at the moment

12 January 2017

Prague, Jan 11 (CTK) - The BIS counter-intelligence does not have any information on a terrorist attack threatening the Czech Republic at the moment, BIS spokesman Jan Subert told CTK on Wednesday, reacting to President Milos Zeman's having said that a man suspicious of terrorism is moving around the country.

A man coming from North Africa and suspected of cooperation with terrorist Islam organisations is staying in Czech Republic, Zeman said on Czech Radio (CRo) on Wednesday.

He said he has read "four ciphers."

"According to one of them, a certain person from Maghreb, whose name I must not identify, is strolling our country, being substantially suspected of cooperation with terrorist Islamic organisations," Zeman said.

Asked by CRo whether the information may scare the public, Zeman said this is why he did not reveal the suspect's name.

"This would be a violation [of the rules]. If I tell you that the person comes from Maghreb, you certainly know that Maghreb includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and even Libya. This information is so vague that it threatens no one except the person concerned. I would even wish him to be endangered," Zeman said.

Subert refused to comment on Zeman's statement.

"We are doing our utmost to have potential risks under control. At the moment, we have no information about any immediate danger," Subert told CTK.

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