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Crime rate falls in ČR in 2016 for third time in row

25 January 2017

Prague, Jan 24 (CTK) - The crime rate in the Czech Republic fell by 12 percent in 2016, compared with the preceding year, which was the third yearly decline in a row, the police told the media yesterday, adding that a total of 217,927 crimes were registered.
The police succeeded in clearing up 116,081 crimes, or 53.3 percent, last year.
The police investigated property crimes most often of all, registering almost 118,000 of them.
The number of property crimes fell by more than 21,000 year-on-year. Both the number of thefts and burglaries dropped, compared with the preceding year.
Property crimes caused damage worth 24.7 billion crowns.
Perpetrators' property worth 9.9 billion crowns was confiscated, which is the record highest sum so far, National Centre Against Organised Crime (NCOZ) director Michal Mazanek said.
The number of registered financial crimes reached more than 28,000 and the number of violent crimes 14,233, both declining against 2015.
A total of 136 murders were registered, 19 fewer than in 2015.
The number of murders last year was the lowest since 1991 when 107 were registered.
The record lowest number of murders, 100, was registered in 1988. The record highest number, 313, was in 1998.
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