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Christian Democrats, STAN to discuss election coalition

16 March 2017

Prague, March 15 (CTK) - Representatives of the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and Mayors and Independents (STAN) will discuss the creation of a coalition for the autumn election to the Chamber of Deputies in Lipnice nad Sazavou, east Bohemia, on Friday and Saturday, STAN leader Petr Gazdik told CTK on Wednesday.

There is no reason for the collapse of the pact, Gazdik said.

KDU-CSL leader Pavel Belobradek said earlier he expected a final decision to be made this week.

"This is an initial meeting of regional organisations. The people who are to closely cooperate in the constituencies will meet there," Gazdik said.

"We will judge the clear rules of cooperation," Gazdik added.

Immediately after the talks, the STAN board will meet to draft a position for its national congress to be held in Prague one week later.

One day before it, a national conference of the KDU-CSL will take place.

The Christian Democrats presume that the final decision on whether the two groupings will jointly run in the election will be made, Belobradek said.

"We have not seen any problems in the sphere of programme or finances," Gazdik said.

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