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Czech investor buys envelope with two Red Mauritius

17 March 2017

Prague, March 16 (CTK) - An anonymous Czech collector has bought an envelope with two Red Mauritius stamps for 2.4 million euros, which, together with a Red and a Blue Mauritius in his possession, form a set that is more valuable than the Mauritius set in the British Royal Collection, reported on Thursday.

The Czech acquired the envelope with two Red Mauritius, called Bombay Cover, in a Swiss auction at the end of 2016.

"It was an advantageous purchase," Czech court expert David Kopriva told the server.

He did not give the new owner's name, saying the owner is a Czech patriot who did not buy the envelope for business reasons.

According to, the owner plans to unveil his identity at the PRAGA 2018 world post stamps exhibition, where his new acquisitions will be on display.

The investor bought a Red and a Blue Mauritius earlier in 2016. The prize was never published but the media speculated about the sum of about 100 million crowns.

The 2.4 million euros he later paid for the envelope with two Red Mauritius is an equivalent of 65 million crowns.

The envelope contains a letter which headed from Mauritius to Bombay in the past.

Bombay Cover's only "rival" is Bordeaux Cover featuring both a Blue and a Red Mauritius, wrote.

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