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Christian Democrats, STAN unveiling election logo

16 May 2017

Prague, May 15 (CTK) - The Czech Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the Mayors and Independents (STAN) unveiled the logo of their coalition with which they will run together in the autumn general election, a triangle created by four growing yellow stripes.

It is to symbolise the creation of a society from bottom up, taking into account the needs of families and municipalities in the national policy, the leaders, Pavel Belobradek (government KDU-CSL) and Petr Gazdik (opposition STAN), said.

The coalition is yet to be definitively confirmed by the Christian Democrats' national congress in two weeks.

Belobradek said he was optimistic in this respect.

The individual stripes in the logo represent the family, municipality, a region and the whole state and society, Belobradek said.

At the same time, the logo is a symbol of growing force, he added.

"This is the growth we expect. This is a symbol of politicians having to be closer to the people and families," Belobradek told CTK.

"The government should start from the bottom. There should be no democratic centralism, but such a governance in which people's needs should be taken into account from the families across the municipalities and regions up to the national level," he added.

A two-party coalition must gain 10 percent in the election to enter the Chamber of Deputies.

Belobradek said the coalition wanted to address centrist voters who were for the national Western focus, economic prosperity and who rejected an iron fist government.

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